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forgot about rios pizza

Dude, i haven't had time to update my journal cuz my sis is always on the internet! Well, this thursday and friday were cool.

On thursday after we took our swimming pictures nick,marcus,my sister and i met up with zack( a cutie i just met-my bro.),sammy jo, sarah,melissa v.,and brittany to go to rios pizza. We all went in one car-Marcus in the trunk!we busted an uncle robbies again.the pizza was good and being that wer're all pigs, we ended up going to baskin robbins and starbucks.ahhhh,handle!!

Friday was way better. marcus, nick, zack, and i didn't go to school cuz we just kicked it at melissa's house. We ate Micky D's for breakfast then kicked it for a while. We all wanted to watch a movie so zack took us to q-star and we rented faces of death. When we were getting out of the parking lot zack backed up and ended up hitting the trunk of a parked truck! Damn, the guy that owned the truck ran out of q-star fast. zack got out of his car and had to examine both cars with the dude and nothing happened to the dude's truck, but zack's trunk got fucked up! that sucks! we just headed back to melissa's house, watched the movie and headed back to school during 6th for practice. We're supposed to all go out later today.i'll update .

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