surferstatus (surferstatus) wrote,

viva mexico

Man i haven't updated in a while.


i had a polo game on Saturday. when i got back from the game i ended up going to monci's house to kick it and grub down because there was a  barbeque going on. We called Nick later and planned on going to the movies. Marcus wanted to take the bus to uptown whittier(Crazy goose). We He just convinced his grandpa to take us, so we picked up Nick and watched "You got served". It was the shit. i got home later that day like at 9:15 and i was suprised cuz i didn't get in trouble, and i made up i badass story too.What a day.


Dude, yesterday my familia, Rob's familia & i went to Puerto Nuevo to eat lobster.Mmmmmmm, fresh tortillas, rice and beans.Tight! i bought a couple of things too, like a bag, and a necklace. i bargained for them sick status. i like going over there just to haggle. amber on the other hand got ripped off because she paid ten bucks for a dumb necklace.Duh! what a dork. We went into a club in Rosarito- my kinda thing.Yeah! then a couple of guys got arrested for fighting and the police was beating them down. After that we just had trouble crossing the border. That's about it.

Laterz Alligatorz

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