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Love & Basketball

Water Polo's the Shiznit

27 April
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My name is Andrea *Dre*, *Drea* or *Dre-Dre* they all suit me. I enjoy sports - playing them and watching them, i guess im a tom boy at heart.I love to party!Music is my number one weakness...once i hear the beat i have to dance! Heights and extreme sport activities are not a problem for me....i love having that audrenaline rush! I also enjoy math..yes i said it MATH! Critical thinking and solving problems open up a challenge and i'm always down for that..i plan on becoming an engineer/architect. "Math holds the key to the universe". If that doesn't work out the medical field is another road i'd
take- a surgeon..gore doesn't scare me. I dislike people who view themselves higher than anyone else and bring others down. I try avoiding conflicts with others, but it's always bound to happen. I have to have a good reason not to like a person - extreme shit talking, backstabbing, fakes.. also those who bitch and complain about everything without even attempting to look upon the situation and solve it/ or sucking it up a little sometimes. Shit never goes according to plan, but "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".Friends come and go, u just have to shake it off. Family and guy drama will always be there unfortunately...fuck it.! well...thats enough about me.....