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nothin' much


         Well, since my little sister (hiker2) has been messing with this live journal stuff i decided to do so as well. I think this shit is bad ass.

         Here i go.....

       I've been feeling really bad lately-like my self-esteem is down to 0.What can i do? I think I need some kind of therapy or something cuz i'm stuck in depress mode. What sucks about this, is that this crap has happened to me and my bro. before,and we actually had to see a shrink cuz we were labeled "suicidal"(by my mother). That's so retarded! I hope my mom doesn't notice anything strange going on with me- who knows what else she'd have me do.I don't care about things as much as i use to. I guess, it's just a little stress, so i need to pull myself back together.

       Gotz to go Cheerio, Laterz Alligaterz

                                                       -Dre (pooka)

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