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clown car to Uncle Robbie's adventure

Today was tight!After swimming workout chad gave melissa, nick and marcus and i a  ride in his chad mobile to uncle Robbies. That shit was so funny cuz we couldn't even fit in it. Marcus and nick tried going in the back first with melissa and i in the front( the stick shift was going up my crack, damn that shit hurt)Let me remind you that the chad mobile is a two seater. So,melissa was sitting on my lap.The tires were getting scratched because of the weight in the back so we had to pull over and rearrange ourselves. Girls were now in the back and the guys in the front. I couldn't breathe! Melissa was suffering because she could practically feel the tires & there was a lot of speed bumps! Well, we busted a sick mission, but hey, we got there and grubbed down.Yeah!
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