surferstatus (surferstatus) wrote,

Just Kick'n It

It was pretty tight today!

 When i got to school i had met up with Marcus, Brittany, and Sammy-jo and we left to micky d's w/out dinero! We managed to ask around for money and rounded up 6 bucks-TIGHT!

School was boring.... After school Marcus, nick and I jammed to grub down at Uncle Robbies(mmmmmmmm..)Then we were being stupid at Ross, Marshalls and the at&t store. Marcus was crazy cuz he wanted to go to vons so that the picketers can yell and throw thing at us-I don't think so homie! We didn't end up going to vons cuz we just ended up going home.

Oh, and i saw Art today too-damn he fine!

I'm looking foward to tommorrow cuz its basketball homecoming(yay)

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